Fiction by Linda Nagata

Cover art copyright © 2013/2016 Mythic Island Press LLC

Digital painting by Dallas Nagata White

Cover Comment:

In 2013, my daughter, Dallas Nagata White, created a large digital painting to help promote the Mythic Island Press LLC edition of The Red. By 2016 that image was no longer being used for its original purpose, but I realized that a section of the painting would make a terrific cover for a collection that contained several military stories.

Light and Shadow: Eight Short Stories

Visit high-tech future battlefields, surreal other worlds, an orbital habitat, and a distant moon. Embrace action, and harrowing adventure. Half of these stories have appeared in various best-of-the-year anthologies, and each is introduced with brief notes from the author.

Here's a list of included stories:
Through Your Eyes (Asimov's 2013)
Halfway Home (Nightmare Magazine 2013)
Codename: Delphi (Lightspeed Magazine 2014)
Attitude (Reach For Infinity 2014)
A Moment Before It Struck (Lightspeed Magazine 2012)
Light and Shadow (War Stories 2014)
Nightside On Callisto (Lightspeed Magazine 2012)
The Way Home (Operation Arcana 2015)

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